Saturday, March 31, 2012

January Aran Completed!

Well, it took me nearly 3 months instead of 1, but I finished Finn's January Aran late last week. I forgot how much I resist sewing up sweaters, but once I made myself sit down and do it, it went pretty quickly. As you can see, he was pretty glad to have it even though it was 70 degrees out that day.

If I were to knit it again, I would have added a couple more pearl stitches on either side for sleeve steeks, as there wasn't much wool to sew into between the twisted stitch in the center and the twisted rib cable next to it. I solved that problem by tacking into the center stitch of the cable on the back side each time I took a stitch. It came out pretty sturdy, and I think it looks great, but it did make me a little twitchy at first.

It will definitely fit him next year and the year after, but it's still perfectly wearable this year too. I suspect he'll wear it when we dance up the dawn on May Day.

Next item from the Almanac: April Mystery Blanket.
I had thought I would do the months in order, but tomorrow is April 1 and I've thought about knitting this one for a while. Since the sweater took so long, I'll just pick up February and March next year. ;) I have to dig through the stash on Monday to see what I want to use. I think this will be a good carry-around project to work on during breaks and lunches at work.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

February Socks

Cast off the February socks last night, late but not grievously so. Last night's pic is pretty accurate color and value-wise, but you can't see the stitch pattern very well. 

This afternoon's pic is a bit washed out, but the stitch pattern shows up nicely. Modeled by Finn, the new sock owner.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with the socks. I plugged a "box-in-a-box" texture pattern into my default toe-up sock pattern for something easy to knit in public but with a little dash to it.