Friday, December 11, 2009

Joan's Woven Shibori Samples

Joan Torgow took the woven shibori workshop also and was kind enough to send pics so we can all share in the fibery goodness. ;)

sample 1- free form pickup

sample 1-  paint with unthickened dyes, gather, immersion dye

sample2- Taiten

sample 2- gather, then paint one side with thin dye wash in blue/green grays, the other side with thickened red/yellows
sample 3- Free form pickup on open shed

sample 3- remove some gathering threads to create negative space, gather, immersion dye

sample 4- Traditional Monks belt

sample 4- gather, then paint with thickened dyes: red/yellow on one side, greens on the other

sample 5- Monks belt on open shed

sample 5- paint with unthickened dyes (pale yellow?), gather, immersion dye

sample 6- Traditional Monks belt and Monks belt on open shed, filament polyester weft

sample 6- paint with thin dyes, gather, then immersion dye, steam to set permanent pleats
sample 7- linen weft, traditional monks belt and monks belt on open shed (no "after" pic for this one yet)

sample 8- weft is ecospun polyester in the same shed with various colors of 8/2 cotton, monks belt on open shed and taiten

sample 8- gather, immersion dye with steam to set permanent pleats, press on disburse dye (not very visible), remove gathering threads 

 Thanks, Joan!

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