Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rough Weather

It's hard to believe I haven't blogged in almost a month, but it has been a busy one. The high school musical was Sweeney Todd, and we has the pleasure of watching Devi play the long-lost, crazy wife, and got to see Tara do scenery and such in the background. Finn's instrumental ensemble concert and choir concert was a few days later, as was Tara's band concert. All the morris teams danced at Solebration (including the longsword team), and there were also a couple of paying gigs for the border team. Lots of practices. Oh, and the actual holidays and attending rituals and get-togethers, plus a couple of birthdays too. Wonderfully fun, but some thing fell by the wayside.

I finished my December socks on the 20th, in plenty of time to give them to Tara for Christmas. There was much rejoicing. ;) To my immense satisfaction, she proceeded to wear them around the house for the next 3 days. Her colors, her size, great pattern.

I also got a couple of good shots of Finn goofing around in his Ogre Slippers.
I finished my February Lady this month, too. I knitted the cuffs three times, finally deciding the sleeves needed to be full-length and decreased towards the end so the garter stitch cuffs don't flare out. I wear it almost every day.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Myriade Domino

I volunteered at TACtile Textile Arts Canter today. When I was looking for an simple, no-brain-required project to take along I found that everything on the needles right now is kind of thinky. I'm not even far enough into this month's socks to get very far without looking at the pattern constantly. So I grabbed a tote bag full of Bernat Myriade that I bought a long time ago and have been planning to knit into a ???  I decided that domino squares would be a nice way to show off the gradual color changes, but that's as far as I got. I took a skein and some size 9 needles, threw it into the spindle bag (in case I felt like working on the Rose Quartz batt) and left.

After a few false starts, I'm now 2 squares in on a lovely ??? Probably a blanket of some kind, but not willing to commit yet. We'll see if it suddenly wants to be anything in particular. In the meantime, I'll have something to do.
I finally got Devi to model the Funny and Fancy socks.  Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. She's been wearing them a lot, much to my immense pleasure. If I'd known all it took was silky sock yarn, I'd have made the switch years ago.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Round Up

I've been making progress on my project pile, in one way or another. First, the sad news.

This afternoon, I bid farewell to Heere Be Dragone. I pulled it out to take pictures in hopes that it might motivate me, but when I took the meager 20-odd rows out of the bag, I saw that it had been chewed up all along one edge. Upon closer inspection, I saw a centipede-looking thing crawling around in the bag. Ugh. The skeins got shaken out outside and placed in a ziplock bag in the freezer. I took the chewed up bit off the needles and threw it away outside. Don't know when I'll pick that pattern up again, but it probably won't be anytime soon.
The good news is, of the 15 WIPs I found in October, only 7 remain on the needles. I finished the Noro Silk Garden Sock ZigZag Scarf yesterday. It came out a little shorter than I had hoped, so I "blocked" it by pinning it up to dry by one of the end points. I like the way the corners fold, nice and leafy. I would like to see it with smaller squares (that would make it longer, too). Next time I'm in a domino mood I'll pick up another skein and give it a go.

I did like the yarn, but I would never knit socks with it. It is a loosely twisted single with a very variable diameter. Great for accessories, but seeing "sock" in the name is, I feel, misleading.

On the subject of socks, it is now December so I can start my self-imposed sock club selection for the month. I'm knitting Rough Weather from Think Outside the Sox in a skein of Lion Brand Magic Stripes that I've had sitting around for a really, really long time. Since before I found real yarn shops to buy yarn in. I've made a pair of socks from this yarn before, it's not bad but not my first choice. A little on the thick side, and a bit fuzzy but durable and soft and warm. This pair will be for Tara since she loves the colorway, Lumberjack Black. If I knit fast enough, she may even get them for Christmas.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Self-Imposed Sock Club on Ravelry

Yesterday, someone on the Yarn Harlot Fans Ravelry group started a Self-Imposed Sock Club Ravelry group. If there are any other Ravelers doing a self-imposed sock club (or wants to start), check it out! 169 members already, each just a sock-crazy as you are.

In other knitting news, I'm almost done with Finn's Ogre Slippers.
I took this pic Monday night. Since then I finished the first one and made it more than halfway through the second one. Bulky yarn and size 10 needles make for fast work. This is my 4th pair.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bloody Socks

This month's sock of the month is Bloody Socks from the book Vampire Knits. I'm halfway through the second sock already, mainly because it's a very short sock. The lace pattern on the instep looks like droplets. Shows up better in a solid yarn, but this is what I had and I like the texture. I'm knitting it in Panda Silk, an orphan skein from Shuttles Spindles and Skeins in Boulder. So far, so good. I did a couple of things differently, but for the most part I've followed the pattern.

I used the turkish cast on instead of the one called for in the pattern so I would not have to worry about twisted stitches on the second half of the first round. It's designed to be knit on 2 circular needles, but I had a hard time keeping the tension snug enough to prevent ladders where the purls turn to knits.

Interestingly, the heel on this toe up sock is identical in construction to the October sock, which is knitted cuff down. The bottom of the heel on the toe up socks becomes the back of the heel on the cuff down sock. Pretty  groovy! I have done mostly short row heels that are the same in both directions, but I didn't know other heels could be used the same way.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Handweavers Guild Show and Sale

Today was the first day we were open to the public, and it was a very good day. The highlight for me was being introduced to Margaret Stove. I've learned tons from her lace book. She's in town visiting, so Maggie Casey brought her by. She said Margaret had been admiring some of my lace in the sale. Does it get any better than this?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Funny and Fancy Socks

I did finish the Funny and Fancy socks, just not until 11pm on November 1st. So I only missed the deadline I set for myself by 23 hours, not even an entire day. Not bad for a month with so many things going on, really. Here they are, in all their splendor:

Although the start was a little fiddly with 10 separate yarn balls to juggle, it was a very enjoyable knit. I'm not usually that crazy about doing intarsia, but since I just had to knit strips and remember whether to connect them or not it wasn't bad. I wasn't tied to a chart, so it was relatively simple to knit in public (so long as I was in a place where I could count to 8 reliably). There was a mistake in the instructions, but it was minor and any experienced knitter would be able to spot it without a problem. On page 119, line 2, it reads "Next round knit". What it should say is something like "Next Round knit needles one and three, work needle 2 in rib"

I gave them to Devi tonight, and someday I'll get a picture of them on her. If we're both home. At the same time. During daylight hours. And one of us thinks of it. When the other on isn't on their way out the door. And we can find the camera.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lace Ornament #2

Another one I made last year and liked:
Here’s a fun way to use up all those little bits of beautiful yarn left over from projects.They look great on the tree or in a bowl and, since you can knit one in an evening, they make great gifts. I’ve knitted over a glass ornament, but a nice plastic or satin ornament would be lovely as well!

In addition to the yarn and ornament, you will need 112 size 8 seed beads and a size 10 (1.15mm) steel hook to place them. This ornament only uses a few grams of yarn. An entire skein would make a lot.

Lace patterns are charted, with construction instructions written out.

This listing is for a pdf file emailed to your email address. If you would prefer an instant download, follow this link to Ravelry.

Please make sure the email address associated with your PayPal account is correct, as that is where I will send your pattern. I check mail at least once every weekday and usually, but not always, on weekends and holidays. As soon as I see your order and payment, I will email you the pattern.

I have done my best to make sure the pattern is error-free. However, I am only human. If you find an error or have a question, please leave a comment and I will be happy to assist you.

Price: $3.50

***Wholesale Inquiries Welcome***

Lace Ornament #1

I made a few of these last year for the HGB Sale. Finally got around to testing the chart and writing up a pattern a few weeks ago. So, here it is:

These ornaments are a great way to use up leftover yarn. In addition to 1-2 grams of yarn, you will need 30 size 8 seed beads and a size 10 (1.15mm) hook to place them, and a standard size round glass or plastic ornament.

Lace patterns are charted, with construction instructions written out.

This listing is for a pdf file emailed to your email address. If you would prefer an instant download, follow this link to Ravelry.

Please make sure the email address associated with your PayPal account is correct, as that is where I will send your pattern. I check mail at least once every weekday and usually, but not always, on weekends and holidays. As soon as I see your order and payment, I will email you the pattern.

I have done my best to make sure the pattern is error-free. However, I am only human. If you find an error or have a question, please leave a comment and I will be happy to assist you.

Price: $3.50

***Wholesale Inquiries Welcome*** 

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Bright Idea

I had a bright idea last night. I had heard of people using bra underwires from old bras for purse handles. I thought it would be neat to try and felt them inside of I-cord. In the washer. With the bag. Yes, I did, and the wires worked themselves out and through the bag, so I pulled out a very odd thing at the end of the cycle. I was able to pull the wires out, but the bag has a very wonky texture in spots. I put the bag back in for a short cycle and the holes went away, but it is still a little oddly shaped with weirs textured spots. Not going in the sale next week, that’s for sure. If it wasn’t for the spot that looks like a man’s nipple, I think I would finish it and try to sell it, but that's a deal-breaker. I’m looking at is a raw material for something else at this point.

 one side

 the other side

I should have taken a picture when I took it out of the washer the first time, but I was too appalled. 

At least I was able to knock another project off my list. Down to 13 projects on the needles, and now I have an empty tote bag...

Anyway, I checked out Rita Buchanan's new video from the guild library a couple of weeks ago and finally had a chance to watch it yesterday. Two dvds of technique and she has a sense of humor too! I'm enthralled. Wish I has time to get the wheel out, and the wool combs. The part where she shows how to use wool combs is the clearest, most reasonable explanation I've seen so far. I bought some used combs a year or two ago and have been putting off trying them, but now I can't wait. Have to, though, at least until I get everything tagged for the sale. Better go!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dance of the Butterflies

Surround yourself with lacy butterflies of all sizes. Version 1 is knitted in Dream in Color Baby, a superwash wool yarn, for a warm scarf.

Version 2 is knitted in Infinity Soy Silk for a dressy, drapey scarf.

Lace patterns are charted, with construction instructions written out.

Patterns sold through the blog are pdf files sent via email, not instant downloads. If you would like to purchase an instant download, visit me on Ravelry. Please make sure the email address associated with your PayPal account is correct, as that is where I will send your pattern. I check mail at least once every weekday and usually, but not always, on weekends and holidays. As soon as I see your order and payment, I will email you the pattern.

I have done my best to make sure the pattern is error-free. However, I am only human. If you find an error or have a question, please leave a comment and I will be happy to assist you.

Price: $7.00

***Wholesale Inquiries Welcome***

Sunday, October 24, 2010

and one more...

...but only because I was rooting through everything, looking for things that need to be tagged for the HGB Annual Sale. It was in a tote in the hall bathroom (long story) in a basket with a couple of totes containing just yarn. So, what I feel (almost) sure is the last project on the needles:

15) Heere Be Dragone, cast on several years ago. I knitted 20 or so rows and got distracted.

Scary how that phrase keeps popping up. I feel like I almost always finish what I start, or at least officially give up and frog it, but apparently that's not the case. I did , however, finish #12 on my list last night, the red Morgana fingerless gloves. I did the cuff on Friday night while we were watching Weird US Volume 3. Grafted the cuff and knitted the hand last night during Octopussy (good Bond movie, creepy title). So now I have 7 pairs in various colors to go into the sale on November 1. Yay!

The color is off, it's been cloudy here and I've had to rely on flash. They are a nice clear red, not the pumpkin color you see here. Even though I put this down at the end of the summer, I've knitted so many pairs of these that I didn't need to look at the pattern. I think it's permanently burned into my brain. ;) But I now have a pair to go with each jacket or sweater, and my kids all have a pair, and they keep selling. Not bad for a couple of evenings and one ball of yarn.

About the whole yarn in the bathroom thing...over the summer, our plastic (not fiberglass, but PLASTIC) bathtub started to crack in several places, leaking water to the underside of the tub and out into the room. We hired Robin to remove the tub and see if the subfloor needed to be replaced. Luckily it does not, but we don't have the funds to put a new tub in yet. So there is this large, rectangular space where the tub used to be, sitting there serving no purpose.

At the same time, Milly wound up with 26 totes of yarn from a friend of a friend who decided she's not going to knit anymore. One thing led to another and I wound up bringing 5 totes home. I sorted them and repacked them, putting some of the yarn I already had into the mix, and then I needed somewhere to put them. Well. Unless I want to move around this stack of totes all the time, or have to move it to do laundry, the only sensible place was the bathroom. It's only temporary, but for now it works. There's even room to move them around and look for yarn.

Kevin really misses taking tub baths so we will be getting a new tub soon, but I think I have time to at least begin knitting through some of this yarn. After a bit I'll know which ones I won't ever use and I can weed those out too.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I found another one!

Since yesterday's post, I unearthed two more projects that I'd forgotten about .

13) Anarchist sweater from my friend Stephanie's handspun I cast on about a year ago. I knitted 1-1/2 strips and got distracted.

14)  A knitted handbag of my own devising that only needs to be felted and given a strap. Not sure why I put this one aside, there don't appear to be any problems. Once I get to that point, I'm usually pretty jazzed to see it all done.

And a box of yarn arrived today. I ordered EZ's Green Sweater kit last week, so that will be stirred into the mix soon. I wonder what I'll uncover tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I know I already have plenty on the needles, but this past week I've cast on more. Spent the entire weekend (for all practical purposes) knitting an hour or two on this, then doing a fast, easy chore and knitting an hour or two on something else.

Off the top of my head, here's the list:

1) Scheherazade stole, a little more than halfway done but currently buried under
2) Knitted lace ornaments, with the glass balls and the charts from last year and the yarn and everything in a big plastic box.
3) February Lady, knitted to a bit below the armholes
4) Fairies and Flowers is more than halfway done, but I only ever knit one chart repeat at a time.
5) Funny and Fancy from Think Outside the Sox, halfway through the second cuff
6) Noro zigzag scarf I'm knitting off the top of my head. Have about 8 squares, need about 20.
7) Lace Mohair baby blanket I'm knitting for community knitting at Mew Mews. I only knit on it at community knitting, though, so it's slow going.
8) Sojourner in purple! Just got the yarn last week and have about 1-1/2" so far. Did I mention it's purple?
9) Cable Luxe Tunic for Tara. Bought the pattern and yarn at least a year ago, maybe 2. Cast on over the weekend.
10) black Ogre Slippers for Finn. I've made 3 pairs so far. Knitted past the heel of one over the weekend
11) Tara's brown cable vest, a special request. She picked out some cables she likes, actually all of the cables in St Brigid from Aran Knitting, and I did the math and swatched for a vest that would fit tiny her. Almost halfway through the ribbing.
12) red Morgana fingerless mittens that I started over the summer. Made one and haven't touched the bag since.

Well, that's not as bad as I'd feared, actually. A dozen projects, I can live with that! I was thinking there were about 20. It does seem like more when the bags are piled up by my knitting spot in the living room. Seemed like I saw the word "half" a lot, though. Pics tomorrow if all goes well.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Funny and Fancy

Finished the first Funny and Fancy sock yesterday. I don't usually knit socks cuff-down, so I started the toe shaping sooner than I should have. When I tried it on my toes felt all squished. I did have Devi try it on and it fits her like a dream. The staccato has enough silk that she said she would love to wear them. She has a firm dislike of wool socks, so I stopped knitting them for her years ago. We'll see how it goes after she actually wears them for a whole day, but the ooh! I heard as she slipped it on bodes well.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sweater Quest

I've had it on hold for a while, and yesterday it finally came in. Sweater Quest by Adrienne Martini kept me up way past my bedtime, and kept me from laundry and dishes this morning. Not that housework gets me all excited, but today at least I had a better excuse than usual. Adrienne has a very companionable writing style. It's like sitting and the kitchen table with her and talking about knitting. The book is about her 1 year process of knitting Alice Starmore's Mary Tudor cardigan. Sometime around 1am I snuck out of bed and got my copy of Tudor Roses so I could see what she was describing. Made me want to cast on right then. A Henry VII for my DH? Elizabeth I for myself or one of the girls? Anne of Cleves, maybe?

But it's not just that. The questions she asks are interesting questions, and the process of answering them is like a mini journey inside of the larger journey. Parenting without losing yourself, copyright, creative control, the process of knitting and learning, dealing with a delightful and sometimes frustrating obsession are all there. I hope the second half is as good as the first half was. At this rate I'll be done by morning.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Funny and Fancy

Inspired by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, I decided to do my own self-imposed sock club. I spent much of the past week finding all my sock yarn and interesting patterns to go with them. I have not counted, but I'm confident that there's more than 2 years' worth bagged up on the bookshelf. Shameful amount of sock yarn, I know, but it kind of snuck up on me, 2 balls at a time. You know how it goes.

The first one I picked is Funny and Fancy from Think Outside the Sox. I haven't done much intarsia because I tend to find it irritating, but these sock intrigue me. Starting out with 10 yarn balls tried my patience, but once there were a few rows it was easier to manage all those yarn balls and I could see the payoff.

I knitted the first crossing this afternoon. Could it be love?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Eco Vest

Sometime in July, I lost my mind and decided that the blistering heat would end sooner if I cast on a sweater, so I cast on 3 in 2 weeks. In all fairness one was this vest and one was a baby sweater so I didn't totally lose it.

I finished the Eco Vest from Knitting Green last week. It was a fun knit, even if I did have a scare during the mid-construction blocking. The whole idea of mid-construction blocking is alien to me, but I figured there might be a reason for it so I played along. Anyway, I think the person who entered the measurements into the schematic mixed things up so that a 6-repeat section should be 7.5" across when the gauge specs say 2 repeats should equal 7". It also indicated that the whole piece should be 21" wide. After my initial heart attack I realized that someone put a number in the wrong spot and did the math on my own. I blocked it to 21" across the back, 34.5" wide in total.

The back and part of the fronts are knitted in one piece from the bottom up, then you pick up stitches and knit the fronts/shawl collar in one piece towards the center front. Easy peasy! Both sections have nice, rhythmic stitch patterns that are easy to memorize. This one got knitted in many places, mostly out and about.

With worsted weight and fairly large needles, it looks boxy on the blocking board but nice and curvy on me. I put the button a little higher than pattern says so it looks more like an empire waist. It drapes nicely and I think I'll be wearing it a lot once the weather cools down.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hexagon Socks

I decided a while back that I had to try the Hexagon socks in Think Outside the Sox. They are so cool! I should have thought it out a bit more, though, before I decided to change the hexagon size to better fit my narrow feet. The result? One lovely, colorful sock that won't go over my heel. Or the heel of my teenage daughter. Or the heel of my 11 year old son. I'm so bummed!

I know, looking and leaping and all that. Nobody's fault but my own. I was over joyed when the first band of hexes fit around my foot so well, and after I knitted the heel I tried them on and they fit fine, but were going to too short in the toe, but I thought that I could just add a few more rows of knitting before the toe decreases and Bob's your uncle. Never thought about the heel until I tried it on in the yarn shop after I had finished all the hexagons and the cuff and was ready to knit the toe.

Still, it is a lovely sock. I'm not going to knit another one just like it since it doesn't fit anyone, but filled with glass marbles it should stand up on the bookshelf just fine. I'm glad I knitted it. The heel is pure genius, and the knitting was interesting and fun. Not ready to tackle a differently-sized pair right now, but in the future who knows?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Some Summer Knitting

Sometime in July, I decided that fall would come sooner if I started knitting sweaters. I wound up casting on 3 in 2 weeks. To be fair, one of them is a baby sweater, EZ's February Baby. And one of them is a vest, the Eco Vest from Knitting Green. The third one is February Lady. So far, the baby sweater is done, the main section of the Eco Vest vest is done, and I'm down to the armholes for February Lady. Is it any cooler out yet?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cricket Fever

Last May, I won a Cricket rigid heddle loom (donated by Schacht, thanks!) as a door prize at Colorado Weavers Day. I tried the scarf pattern with the yarn it came with and really struggled. Took a lot of getting used to since the heddle isn't attached to anything. I had a hard time getting an even beat, and a hard time keeping the fell line parallel to the cloth beam. Took a while to get a feel for what amount of tension gave a good shed and still allowed me to lift or lower the heddle. Finished the scarf and the loom sat empty for a couple of months while I glared at it.

A few weeks ago Jeanne Marie brought 2 scarves she wove on her rigid heddle to evening weavers group. They were lovely! She warped it with a solid color of wool, then alternated the wool and recycled sari silk in the weft. I thought maybe I should try again.

Wendy gave me some lovely yarn several years ago that I couldn't figure out what to knit out of it. I warped the cricket and started to weave, keeping in mind that it's not a shaft loom and just going with it. The next day it was finished and I was one happy camper!

Then I thought about this alpaca boucle yarn I've had for way too long and never did anything with. I also have a good-sized stash of sport weight alpaca in lots of natural colors. Random stripes of boucle in the warp this time, and a similarly colored sport weight to fill in the gaps. I chose a sport weight weft that was a little darker and browner and wove it all while my bathroom was being de-leaked. Even got it hemmed before the handyman left. ;)

This one shrank up quite a bit in the wash, but it feels just yummy. I put on another warp with sport weight alpaca for a color and weave scarf that I'll be starting today.

And that, my friends, is why I always try something new at least twice before I decide I don't like it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Loom For Sale- SOLD!

This loom has been sold. 
Posted in several places simultaneously, the most activity (and the person who bought it) came from the Warped Weavers Marketplace on Ravelry. If you have weaving equipment to sell, try there!

I just upgraded from a 4 shaft table loom to a 4 shaft floor loom courtesy of Sue from Mew Mews Yarn Shop, who is moving (her house, not her store) and selling all kinds of things. Thanks, Sue!

So, in order to preserve domestic harmony, I now have a loom for sale. It's a 15" wide 4 shaft Nilus LeClerc Dorothy, with lots of extra heddles. I'm asking $250. It comes with a storage bag the previous owner made. Local sale only, I'm not willing to pack this up and ship it. If you're interested and live somewhere between Ft Collins and Colorado Springs, leave a comment.

Dimensions: open for use- 22W (includes crank) x 21D x 18H
                   folded for storage- 22W x 28D x 9.5H

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BCW Towel Exchange towels

We finally had our exchange last Monday, after postponing several times. Here's the ones I wove on my 8 shaft table loom. My first warp with random stripes, and my first attempt at plaid (also random). I brought the plaid one in to exchange, but the striped one stayed at home because the bad weaving didn't improve in the wash. ;)

That's too bad, because I really liked the pattern of the striped one. I noticed that my friend Jane's blanket had a cool weave structure, so I charted it one day. It would take 12 shafts to weave as it is, but I shrank it down to 8 shafts and added color. I love the pinwheel effect! I'm going to try that again in thicker yarn for a baby blanket or something similar.

The plaid one was the first towel picked. I really like it and I'm very pleased someone else did, too. It just came together. 
I chose one of my favorite twill drafts from the past study topic and reversed it every now and then, changing colors as I felt the need to.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Looking Forward to Fall

I truly do not know where the summer went. All I do know is, instead of having lots of goals and trying to fit everything in, this summer I just went with it. I figured out where the kids needed to be and when, reserved a few small bits of time for things I enjoy, and just relaxed. Usually I have a plan at the end of the school year, thinking once school is out I'll have time for XYZ. Never happens, and I get frustrated.

School started a couple of weeks ago and I've been easing back into my school year routine, swimming and walking in the morning, chores and fiber art after that. The guild year starts soon, and the guild sale is getting here fast. I'm really glad I took the summer to just be. I got about the same amount of stuff done and feel good about it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I started Chris by Sonja Esbensen way back in March and finished it about 2 weeks ago. I blocked it out to 74" diameter and it relaxed down to 68" diameter, just right for my 5'8" frame.;) I had to block it folded in half so it would fit on the bed. I have never done that before, but it worked out well and wasn't as much of a pain as I thought it might be.

I LOVE the yarn, Dream in Color Baby, and I LOVE the color, Black Parade. It's mostly black with bits of blueish green here and there to jazz it up a bit. Not enough value contrast to make the pattern look funny, but enough to give it richness and depth.

 Errata- The only problem I found with this chart is that they do not list rounds 105-110, which normally means you should knit that round. In this case, the photo makes it obvious that this is not the case. Purl rounds 100-104 then proceed diractly to round 111 (do not pass go, do not collect $200).

I cast on for Bent 1 last week. Ellen gave away a bunch of fine alpaca yarn last year at the HGB knitters group, and I snagged a cone of chocolate brown. It's knitting up a little skimpy on size 2 needles, but I'm hoping it will bloom nicely when it's washed and blocked.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Felted Slippers at Last!

I got the first pair of slippers felted ages ago, but never got pics. Here you go:

This pair is for Kevin. He wants them for Christmas, so that's one thing to cross off the list (yeah!). I also made a pair in variegated teal for the Midwest Morris Ale Scholarship Fund silent auction, and a blue pair for myself (see below).
My son wants a pair in black, those are next on the list. I also have plans for a few more holiday gifts in various colors and sizes, but I don't want to spoil the surprise. ;)