Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Funny and Fancy Socks

I did finish the Funny and Fancy socks, just not until 11pm on November 1st. So I only missed the deadline I set for myself by 23 hours, not even an entire day. Not bad for a month with so many things going on, really. Here they are, in all their splendor:

Although the start was a little fiddly with 10 separate yarn balls to juggle, it was a very enjoyable knit. I'm not usually that crazy about doing intarsia, but since I just had to knit strips and remember whether to connect them or not it wasn't bad. I wasn't tied to a chart, so it was relatively simple to knit in public (so long as I was in a place where I could count to 8 reliably). There was a mistake in the instructions, but it was minor and any experienced knitter would be able to spot it without a problem. On page 119, line 2, it reads "Next round knit". What it should say is something like "Next Round knit needles one and three, work needle 2 in rib"

I gave them to Devi tonight, and someday I'll get a picture of them on her. If we're both home. At the same time. During daylight hours. And one of us thinks of it. When the other on isn't on their way out the door. And we can find the camera.

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