Sunday, October 24, 2010

and one more...

...but only because I was rooting through everything, looking for things that need to be tagged for the HGB Annual Sale. It was in a tote in the hall bathroom (long story) in a basket with a couple of totes containing just yarn. So, what I feel (almost) sure is the last project on the needles:

15) Heere Be Dragone, cast on several years ago. I knitted 20 or so rows and got distracted.

Scary how that phrase keeps popping up. I feel like I almost always finish what I start, or at least officially give up and frog it, but apparently that's not the case. I did , however, finish #12 on my list last night, the red Morgana fingerless gloves. I did the cuff on Friday night while we were watching Weird US Volume 3. Grafted the cuff and knitted the hand last night during Octopussy (good Bond movie, creepy title). So now I have 7 pairs in various colors to go into the sale on November 1. Yay!

The color is off, it's been cloudy here and I've had to rely on flash. They are a nice clear red, not the pumpkin color you see here. Even though I put this down at the end of the summer, I've knitted so many pairs of these that I didn't need to look at the pattern. I think it's permanently burned into my brain. ;) But I now have a pair to go with each jacket or sweater, and my kids all have a pair, and they keep selling. Not bad for a couple of evenings and one ball of yarn.

About the whole yarn in the bathroom thing...over the summer, our plastic (not fiberglass, but PLASTIC) bathtub started to crack in several places, leaking water to the underside of the tub and out into the room. We hired Robin to remove the tub and see if the subfloor needed to be replaced. Luckily it does not, but we don't have the funds to put a new tub in yet. So there is this large, rectangular space where the tub used to be, sitting there serving no purpose.

At the same time, Milly wound up with 26 totes of yarn from a friend of a friend who decided she's not going to knit anymore. One thing led to another and I wound up bringing 5 totes home. I sorted them and repacked them, putting some of the yarn I already had into the mix, and then I needed somewhere to put them. Well. Unless I want to move around this stack of totes all the time, or have to move it to do laundry, the only sensible place was the bathroom. It's only temporary, but for now it works. There's even room to move them around and look for yarn.

Kevin really misses taking tub baths so we will be getting a new tub soon, but I think I have time to at least begin knitting through some of this yarn. After a bit I'll know which ones I won't ever use and I can weed those out too.

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