Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hexagon Socks

I decided a while back that I had to try the Hexagon socks in Think Outside the Sox. They are so cool! I should have thought it out a bit more, though, before I decided to change the hexagon size to better fit my narrow feet. The result? One lovely, colorful sock that won't go over my heel. Or the heel of my teenage daughter. Or the heel of my 11 year old son. I'm so bummed!

I know, looking and leaping and all that. Nobody's fault but my own. I was over joyed when the first band of hexes fit around my foot so well, and after I knitted the heel I tried them on and they fit fine, but were going to too short in the toe, but I thought that I could just add a few more rows of knitting before the toe decreases and Bob's your uncle. Never thought about the heel until I tried it on in the yarn shop after I had finished all the hexagons and the cuff and was ready to knit the toe.

Still, it is a lovely sock. I'm not going to knit another one just like it since it doesn't fit anyone, but filled with glass marbles it should stand up on the bookshelf just fine. I'm glad I knitted it. The heel is pure genius, and the knitting was interesting and fun. Not ready to tackle a differently-sized pair right now, but in the future who knows?

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