Friday, October 29, 2010

A Bright Idea

I had a bright idea last night. I had heard of people using bra underwires from old bras for purse handles. I thought it would be neat to try and felt them inside of I-cord. In the washer. With the bag. Yes, I did, and the wires worked themselves out and through the bag, so I pulled out a very odd thing at the end of the cycle. I was able to pull the wires out, but the bag has a very wonky texture in spots. I put the bag back in for a short cycle and the holes went away, but it is still a little oddly shaped with weirs textured spots. Not going in the sale next week, that’s for sure. If it wasn’t for the spot that looks like a man’s nipple, I think I would finish it and try to sell it, but that's a deal-breaker. I’m looking at is a raw material for something else at this point.

 one side

 the other side

I should have taken a picture when I took it out of the washer the first time, but I was too appalled. 

At least I was able to knock another project off my list. Down to 13 projects on the needles, and now I have an empty tote bag...

Anyway, I checked out Rita Buchanan's new video from the guild library a couple of weeks ago and finally had a chance to watch it yesterday. Two dvds of technique and she has a sense of humor too! I'm enthralled. Wish I has time to get the wheel out, and the wool combs. The part where she shows how to use wool combs is the clearest, most reasonable explanation I've seen so far. I bought some used combs a year or two ago and have been putting off trying them, but now I can't wait. Have to, though, at least until I get everything tagged for the sale. Better go!

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