Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I know I already have plenty on the needles, but this past week I've cast on more. Spent the entire weekend (for all practical purposes) knitting an hour or two on this, then doing a fast, easy chore and knitting an hour or two on something else.

Off the top of my head, here's the list:

1) Scheherazade stole, a little more than halfway done but currently buried under
2) Knitted lace ornaments, with the glass balls and the charts from last year and the yarn and everything in a big plastic box.
3) February Lady, knitted to a bit below the armholes
4) Fairies and Flowers is more than halfway done, but I only ever knit one chart repeat at a time.
5) Funny and Fancy from Think Outside the Sox, halfway through the second cuff
6) Noro zigzag scarf I'm knitting off the top of my head. Have about 8 squares, need about 20.
7) Lace Mohair baby blanket I'm knitting for community knitting at Mew Mews. I only knit on it at community knitting, though, so it's slow going.
8) Sojourner in purple! Just got the yarn last week and have about 1-1/2" so far. Did I mention it's purple?
9) Cable Luxe Tunic for Tara. Bought the pattern and yarn at least a year ago, maybe 2. Cast on over the weekend.
10) black Ogre Slippers for Finn. I've made 3 pairs so far. Knitted past the heel of one over the weekend
11) Tara's brown cable vest, a special request. She picked out some cables she likes, actually all of the cables in St Brigid from Aran Knitting, and I did the math and swatched for a vest that would fit tiny her. Almost halfway through the ribbing.
12) red Morgana fingerless mittens that I started over the summer. Made one and haven't touched the bag since.

Well, that's not as bad as I'd feared, actually. A dozen projects, I can live with that! I was thinking there were about 20. It does seem like more when the bags are piled up by my knitting spot in the living room. Seemed like I saw the word "half" a lot, though. Pics tomorrow if all goes well.

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