Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BCW Towel Exchange towels

We finally had our exchange last Monday, after postponing several times. Here's the ones I wove on my 8 shaft table loom. My first warp with random stripes, and my first attempt at plaid (also random). I brought the plaid one in to exchange, but the striped one stayed at home because the bad weaving didn't improve in the wash. ;)

That's too bad, because I really liked the pattern of the striped one. I noticed that my friend Jane's blanket had a cool weave structure, so I charted it one day. It would take 12 shafts to weave as it is, but I shrank it down to 8 shafts and added color. I love the pinwheel effect! I'm going to try that again in thicker yarn for a baby blanket or something similar.

The plaid one was the first towel picked. I really like it and I'm very pleased someone else did, too. It just came together. 
I chose one of my favorite twill drafts from the past study topic and reversed it every now and then, changing colors as I felt the need to.

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