Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Just had to cast on a lace piece! I've been knitting simple things (socks, domino scarves, JMS) over the holidays, now I'm ready for some complexity. Someone in the Niebling Lace Knitters yahoo group mentioned this free pattern Veronika and we decided to do it a knit-along. I cast on last night with size 80 tatting thread and size 0000 needles. The first round was tricky, increasing every stitch to 4 stitches right off the bat with nothing to hold on to. Took me 45 minutes. The third round was a bit fiddly, too, establishing the twisted stitches that form the central flower. The rest wasn't bad at all. I made it through round 17 before I decided it was bedtime.

Listening to The Specials lately, need a little ska to get me going. Finn starts dancing every time I have it on in the kitchen. Gotta start 'em young........

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