Monday, January 9, 2012

Knitter's Almanac - January Aran

I was thinking about knitting my way through Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac, then saw a friend post on Facebook about the same thing. Well, that decided me! Chris said she was going to knit one thing from the book each month, but not necessarily in order. I decided to start in January with An Aran Sweater and go from there. Finn could use a new sweater (the last one I knit for him was 5 years ago and it barely fits) and I have a lot of stash to use up, so the aran will accomplish two things at once.

Here is the first fishtrap pattern repeat, completed last night:

For an aran, it is a very soothing pattern. The cable needle is only needed every 7th round, and once you establish the stitch patterns and put in markers the chart is only really a reminder. I'm using up some Lion's Brand Fisherman's Wool that I bought on clearance at a chain craft store years (like, 7 or 8) ago. I knitted my February Lady with some of this last year, an afghan a couple of years ago, dyed enough of it purple to knit 3 kids sweaters, and there is still enough in the bin for one or two more adult sweaters after pulling out enough for the aran. Yes, I bought all they had, from more than one location. It's pretty good yarn.

I did a swatch in stockingette, but not the gauge hat (he already has several). The smallest size in the "pithy directions" is 38 inches. Mine is coming out 36 inches, but since Finn is a rather slim 12 year old that ought to work out just fine and should fit him for several winters at least. He is looking forward to wearing it and keeps coming to look at it, which makes me want to keep knitting. ;) I may just finish this in January!

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