Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January, where have you gone?

It may sound bad, but I really have no idea where this past month has gone. It's the 25th already, and I'm still working on my first January sock, have not woven at all, and am not nearly done with my January Aran. What I have been doing, I think, is trying to get back in the groove after the holidays.

I have been swimming 3 times a week, working my way back up to a mile. I have started doing yoga again, adding one more sequence from my favorite dvd each time. I have been teaching my first knitting class in a long long time and thoroughly enjoying it. I have been doing blocking and finishing work for other people, and some knitting on commission. I have been cleaning up in the living room (found 2 fleeces shoved in the corner I completely forgot about, how could I not see them?). I knitted 100+ rounds on the Scheherazade I rescued from the UFO basket. I have knitted 17" of the body of the January Aran. I did knit a tiny doily and start knitting a small doily I've had my eye on for a while. I have been baking regularly, working a little, sleeping well. Not bad, all told, if you look at the proper criteria.

Here's a link that's too cool not to share: Knitting her CoWorkers

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