Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy holiday weekend!

We're going to take it easy and enjoy. The only thing we have planned is dance practice on Saturday morning. Two of my kids are on a children's morris dancing team, the Tommyknockers. The kids meet once a month in Berthoud so they can practice and learn new dances. If you're in the area and are curious,check it out. The kids have a blast!

I've also started sewing pillows out of worn out rugs for Oriental and Navajo Rugs Co . I just finished the first batch and will be delivering them next week. They have a gorgeous showroom! I was delighted by the variety.

Next weekend, the Maroon Bells morris dancers will be performing at the English Village Fete
at the House of Windsor Tea Room in Lakewood, CO. This is the first time they are having the event. We're all pretty excited about it!

I'm almost ready to publish my next knitting pattern, Morgana fingerless gloves. A little editing, a few pictures and we should be good to go!

happy dancing!

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