Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Morgana Fingerless Gloves

I'm almost done with my third pair of these gloves, I think I have the pattern written down as clearly as possible by now. I could probably knit the next pair with my eyes closed!

The first pair of socks I ever knitted were Priscilla Gibson-Roberts' Dresser Scarf socks. I made about 8 pairs, they were so comfy. I took the cuff pattern and added a hand onto it instead of a foot, but they were a little too bulky, especially around the wrist. After some thought I decided to make the cuff shorter and use short rows to cinch in the wrist a little. That also made fewer stitches to pick up for the hand and voila! They fit my younger daughter (Morgana is her middle name) and, since the yarn is so stretchy they fit me without being too tight.

All I have left to do is finish the last pair, take some photos, and the pattern will be ready to go. The photos will eb the tricky part, as the teenagers will need to be home during daylight hours for that to happen. Wish me luck!

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