Monday, March 22, 2010

Not bad, not bad

I met many of my goals last week, and came close on the rest. Not bad, I think, considering I was sick for a couple of days since my older DD brought home a hostile microbe from school.

 I did, in fact, finish Finn's other sock, and he has declared them a perfect fit and just what he wanted.Since they're so short, I may have enough yarn for another pair. There is at least enough for a third sock, not a bad idea knowing what becomes of socks around here.

I made it through chart 4 the 16 times I thought I would need in order to have the scarf long enough, but the row gauge is different with this yarn/needle combo, so I'll need to do 20 instead.

I did get the towel warp wound, and sleyed the reed. Still need to thread the heddles and beam the warp. So not quite, but not bad. ;)

I started pulling threads on the silk shibori scarves at the evening weavers meeting Wednesday, and a bit more during scrabble last night. Still tons to go, but that was a bonus goal so I'm not counting it. ;)

We had some gorgeous spring-like days last week and I found the nicest place to wind a warp is on the front porch. Sunny in the morning, shady in the afternoon, house cuts the breeze. The warping board leaned up against the porch railing is just the right height. It might be nice to take the loom out there sometime.

So, for the coming week, I'd like to finish warping the loom for towels. I'd like to get one towel woven, as well. I need to finish 4 more repeats of chart 4, and knit chart 5 and 6. Also need to clarify the directions for part of the ReSoleAble Sock pattern where folks keep getting stuck. I think that should keep me out of trouble until next week.

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