Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Frustrating Week

Monday night I spent the evening in the emergency room getting my right pinkie and ring fingers stitched up. I was washing a glass and it broke with my hand inside. I'll spare you the pics. ;) Kevin was standing right next to me and grabbed a (handwoven by me) towel as soon as he saw what I did. I almost told him to grab a different one, but thought better of it  (for those of you who are interested, I soaked it in cold water as soon as we got home and the blood came out completely!).

The folks at North Suburban Medical Center ER are wonderful! They are friendly, enthusiastic professionals who aren't afraid to act like real human beings. Got 6 stitches in all and they're all wrapped up in gauze, splinted. No dishes for a week, I can live with that. Not until I get the stitches out. And here's the rub: no handwork for 7 days. No knitting, no spinning, no weaving. Bah!

So, I've been running errands. I've been reading A LOT. I've been catching up on movies. Went to dance practice Wednesday and Thursday and did all the dances that don't involve sticks. Danced in a gig Friday afternoon. And it's all been pretty ok until today. I'm tired of reading. I'm tired of being out and about. I want to stay home and WORK ON SOMETHING. Instead I parked on the couch and watched a Bill Maher comedy dvd and then the Olympics. Total couch potato. I don't feel like doing anything if I can't do what I want to do. I want to finish Mary's gloves. I want to spin that multicolored laceweight I started Monday morning. I want to weave off the silk noil warp and start on the towels for the guild challenge. I want to wind the towel warp. I have a fleece to wash. I have a pattern to test-knit.

I'll need a better plan for tomorrow and Monday. I just have to make it until 4pm Monday when the stitches come out.

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