Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rainbow ZigZag Scarf


This is another domino scarf for community knitting at Mew Mews Yarn Shop. All the kid stuff goes to Clinica Campesina, and all the adult stuff is distributed to the homeless folks of Longmont. The yarn is from her donation bin, not sure exactly how much there was to start with and didn't think to weigh it before I dropped it off. It's Regia something, I saw the same yarn for sale on the shop.

Community knitting, for me, is a chance to play for free. Last time I made a domino scarf with the blocks all lined up in a row. This time I wanted to see what a zigzag looked like. This was the perfect yarn, with its bright colors and long repeat. Some kid is going to be happy. ;)

I liked knitting it and kept thinking it would be nice to finish it off with applied I-cord to gove the edges more body. Not enough yarn, though. I bought a skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock so I can try it again, perhaps knitting the i-cord as I go.

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