Friday, March 4, 2011

Alpaca Scarf Update

So, way back in the summer, I wove an alpaca color and weave scarf. Suzanne said she thought it was still a little open and should I maybe wet finish it some more? I liked as it was, so I filed it away for future use and left the scarf as-is. It sold in the sale, and in the early fall I warped another one, the one I finished last weekend. I decided to wet finish this one a little more aggressively, just to see what would happen.
Um, Suzanne, was this what you had in mind? I checked my notes, and it was only in the washer for 2 extra minutes. I checked it at +1 minute and it looked exactly the same as it did at +0. All I can say is, stuff happens FAST  in the washer.

And I don't blame Suzanne (so you can come out from behind that big old plant now), she simply did what all of the best fibery friends do, give their opinions. And it was already clear to me this wasn't going to be a scarf. It'll make a dandy bear, though.

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