Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spinning Frenzy

Have I mentioned I've gone on a spinning binge lately? It all started with this little gem I bought from ThreadsThruTime on etsy.
It's a truly tiny Turkish spindle, measuring 4" tall and 2" wide. And yes, it spins very well. Stays spinning for a long time.. If I take the shaft out and leave everything else as is, I can carry it in a cosmetics bag in my purse, along with enough wool to keep me busy for an hour and some 4" long size 2 needles if I want to knit something up once the wool is spun and plied. All that takes up as much space as a checkbook. I spun and plied for the entire 1.5 hours I spent waiting at the DMV last month. I've been spinning up all the fiber samples I have accumulated over the years and knitting them into ornaments for the guild sale. I love my tiny spindle so much I went back and got this one:
This is a medium, 6.25" tall and 4" wide. I've been spinning and walking to the coffee shop with this one, and with the shaft removed it fits into my hoodie's pocket (so I can carry the coffee back). In four days of walking I spun and plied the sample wool that came with it, for a few more ornaments I think. All of this spindle love has inspired me to finish up a project on my 35 gram mid whorl Maggie, some Corriedale and silk batts (colorway Rose Quartz) I bought from LunabudKnits a while back.
The lovely batts (people kept asking if I was spinning cotton candy) turned into 8 skeins of fingering weight singles:
 These are destined for a shawl that I've been pondering the whole time I've been finishing up the spinning.Tomorrow I'll show you what's on the spindles right now.

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