Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cupid's Arrow

Those who know me well will not be at all surprised to hear that, after knitting more than a dozen hearts, I began to look at them differently. So, after Valentine's Day was over and the knitted hearts had been distributed, I cast on for a variation on the same theme. I call it Cupid's Arrow.

Sorry for the bad pic, I'm still not good at photographing small things. You get the main idea, though. ;)

Here's how to do it:
Follow pattern until you have 16 stitches. Work 2 rounds plain.
Next round- k2tog all the way around.
Knit one round.
Next round- (k1, m1) all the way around.
Work plain over 16 stitches for about 20 rounds (use your judgement on proportions here).
Stuff tube and continue working pattern as written.

This one was knitted in some leftover Scout's Swag sock yarn on size 0 needles. Not sure what I'll do with them (party favors? jewelry?), but I'm planning on casting on another one very soon, just 'cause.

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