Wednesday, February 8, 2012

January socks

Well, I finished the January socks last night. I left them on top of Tara's backpack, and when I got up this morning, both the socks and the back pack were gone. In their place was a different pair of socks, turned half-inside-out, no doubt abandoned in a moment of New Sock Madness. They are knitted from the same yarn as the last pair I gave her, in December, in the same colorway but a different dye lot. Santa was kind enough to leave this second batch of sock yarn in my stocking.
I really like how the heels turned out, both different but both making a nice graphic design.

I started a pair of socks for Finn this afternoon, from some sock yarn that Sallie gave me from her stash. I want to jazz up my default toe-up sock, but have not decided on what stitch pattern to plug in. I hope I have it figured out by the time I'm done with the toe.

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